Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Affirmation jog

I just ran around the block once, an "affirmation jog," a tradition I started when all this medical trouble began. Today's time: 4:05. Not that I was pushing it. I was trying to go slow, because the right calf was sending warning signals, and because the leg's knee action is slow and stiff. I previously attributed this to muscle weakness and slowness on the left side, but now I think that maybe the joint is just stiff, or maybe it is ALS plus conventional stiffness. I got conventional stiffness in my left ankle, recall. And stretching fixed that. Not the ALS bit but the stiffness bit.

So I will talk to my lovely wife, and maybe the physical therapist, about some stretches I might be able to do.

My wind was good, despite the weeks of coughing I've had. It's been a long time since I jogged. And I went to the gym two or three days ago, the first time in a long time. I'd be in there more, but the kids have been waking up in the night, the girl in particular. We think she has teething going on. My lovely wife took her to the doctor today and she checks out fine.

I recall that when this problem began, and I started the affirmation jogs, I more than once finished them off with a dramatic sprint at the end. I'm not saying that's not possible today, but let's just say it's highly inadvisable and I'd likely wind up with a scab on my face.
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