Sunday, August 29, 2004

Back from the Grave

It would have looked like a vacation to you. And it was. But. But the kids did not sleep properly. You have no idea how hard it hits me to be woken several times in the night. That was awful. Plus, the hacking cough is still with me, and makes a point of flaring up when I lie down. And the mosquito. Oh, yes, and that. These combined to turn me into a stumbling mass of quivering jelly.

But yesterday we came home. I got the hiccups on top of the cough and the exhaustion, just for a little joke from the Universe. But mercifully they went away. And last night, aside from a dream about misplacing my shoes, I slept well all night. Sigh. And now I wake refreshed.

I hope.

But I am considering the Indian Cough Remedy.

My kids are wonderful and I took many wonderful photographs of them. After we got back.

Nothing much I can say except that today I plan on feeling better.

Cateye posted his proof that 2=1. I'm not, let's say, a professional mathematician (Who is?!). So I plan to go over this one carefully until I spot the flaw.

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