Monday, August 30, 2004

G-Hack! G-Hack!

So last night right before bed I took the Indian Cough Remedy. I drank almost all of it but the wee bit at the very end. I had been stirring it continuously and slurping down mighty quaffs of pepper, but at the very bottom it was pretty much a solid pepper dredge-pile. Like drinking coffee grounds. The soma gagged on it and I decided to declare victory and get out. Not much coughing in the night. The children, mercifully, slept until 6:23 AM. Except for that time my son got up and pestered my wife. But she dealt with him and I drifted off.

WARNING: You are about to enocunter a bodily-fluids reference. Please avert your eyes if this kind of content would disturb you...

In the morning in the shower there was much hacking and copious production of goop. That in itself seemed like a victory. The hacking cough, however, continues. It is still possible that my friend from India was playing a little joke on me. ("Next let's see if we can get him to drink his own pee!" Hee hee!") But I doubt it.

We went to a birthday party yesterday for un otro chico, y we gave him a chess set as a present. He's five. The box says for six and up but you know these kids around here are smart. My own boy is getting better at chess. He now seems to have absorbed that it is a conflict, and plays the game in terms of threat management and threat employment. He seems to have benefitted from the chess puzzles I posed to him, simple ones about how to apply mate when having a huge advantage over a solo king.

No, I am not pushing him. He was asking for chess puzzles (verbal this time) when we were on vacation.

Don't worry, it's all very sporting.
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