Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Indian Cough Remedy

So I have this annoying wheezing cough. These coughs tend to stay with me for weeks or months ar a time. I know (!). Ever since Prague it's been that way. So it occurred to me that maybe the wheezing cough will degrade my lung capacity in that way that is so unfortunate for people with ALS.

So I thought of the Indian Cough Remedy, the mixture of hot milk and black peppers that my co-worker told me about before Thanksgiving last year. When I used that remedy in October 2003, I could only take down about half of it. But it had the most miraculous and immediate effect on my wracking, heaving cough at that time. The wracking, heaving cough went away. Zip! Like that! It was replaced by the occassional, manageable, dry wheezing cough. But nothing like the convulsive punishment of the previous cough.

So while worrying today about the possible damage to my pulmonary capacity from the cough, I considered using the Indian Cough Remedy. But then I had a new thought: Maybe the ICR was the precipitating cause of the ALS onset?!?!


I would rather not think so, and it seems unlikely, but I stopped taking ibuprophen on the wild chance this it was involved, and I started cracking my knuckles again, just in case of the wild possibility.

So I'll ask the neurologist. Just in case he has a thought.

But I hate the dry wheezing cough.
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