Monday, August 02, 2004

Monosodium glutamate submarine

My clinic nurse says: "Rule of thumb-MSG is neurotoxic and should be avoided by the entire universe!!!!!" She adds: "Watch canned goods, and convenience foods like barbecue chips as well. Anytime they say "natural flavorings" there's a big possibility it's MSG."

I told her, in a saintly tone, that I rarely eat junk food anyway.


...I ate some of those yummy Ramen noodles. My daughter pronounces them "noonoos" and demands her share in a very charming way. I have been eating a lot of Ramen noonoos recently, not sure why. And guess what? The second ingredient in the flavor packet is ... monosodium glutamate.

I'll have to find a Ramen substitute, since I do like them so much. I bet that the local natural-foods store has some kinda hippy/organic thing. With no MSG. Or the Asian-foods markets.

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