Sunday, August 15, 2004

Utopia is a place with no fashion

Mis-heard Ursula K. LeGuin to say on the radio: "Utopia is a place with no fashion." This is astoundingly true. However, she said something else with more generality and less zing.

Yesterday and I think the day before and yes today I have the dry wheezing cough. Annoying, kicks in when I talk, or lie down or stand up. Makes it hard to go to sleep, or go back to sleep after the baby wakes up at 4:45 AM. Thankfully my wife takes care of ALL the night waking of the kids. Mostly because I have ALS and she wants me to get sleep. I am grateful.

Go see the movie The Manchurian Candidate. My wife and I gave it a five out of five. It's even better if you've seen the original with Frank Sinatra. We got to go because some wonderful family members came into town and watched the kids for an afternoon.

I have had to cancel the research MRI twice now, once for positional vertigo, and once because of this cough.
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