Friday, September 03, 2004


The soma did indeed turn the corner on the bronchitis, and I went all day testerday without that internal sunburn feeling, and the cough was much more tame. I slept well last night, in the bed and not on the couch. The miraculous feeling is the seeping rise of a sense of health, or perhaps it's just the absence of ache. It still makes me cough if I talk, but I can tell that things are on the mend. Yay!

My left arm seems thinner to me no then it did before this illness. I blame the bug. You might dismiss that, but it is what I believe and it's based on my experience. Not that I can prove it.

I was so messed up the past few days that I didn't have the energy to put the weekly five gallons of rubble in the garbage. Pickup was today. I just feel grateful to be getting better. Now I can think about doing actual chores and errands! Yay!

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