Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hex of the camcorder

I was playing chess against my son, and, although I was whuppin' him bad, he made a brilliant move (for a four-year-old) where he checked my king and captured the unprotected bishop after the king retreated. I didn't give him any hints, he came up with that by himself. Then he wanted to play against the computer built into the chess board, so he did that, handling the coordinates system flawlessly. During this, he started talking about the possibility of having a system of needles and holes in the board, so that the computer could move its own pieces and wouldn't have to use the coordinates system. Like all parents, I started thinking that my child was genius, so I ran for the camcorder.

As soon as I turned it on he moved his bishop next to the computer's pawn line and gave that away, then gave away his knight to another pawn. This is on tape, not the brilliant capture of my bishop, not the needles and holes speech. The hex of the camcorder!
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