Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Lung capacity

Now that I am over my cough, I tested my lung capacity several times just now, and while I have in the past been able to hit 5000 or 5100 mL, today it was as follows: 4000, 4250, 4250, 4250, 4500, 4600, 4550, and finally 4500 mL.

Could be a difference just for today. Could be the lingering tightness from the cough, which is basically gone, but which still sometimes makes me wheeze. That's what I think it is, but it could be an ALS-related decline in lung capacity. We shall see.

Then again it could be operator error. The tube came off of the thing on the fourth or fifth try, and I had to jam it back on.

Similar operator error: In the gym today I weighed myself at only 132 pounds or so (after subtracting for clothes and shoes). That worried me. Then realized that the weight for 100 pounds was slightly out of the notch. Once I fixed that I weighed in at 136 or so (after clothes and shoes).
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