Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Night attack

It's weird how, whenever I exercise and my body presumably needs to get a good night's sleep, the kids disrupt it. Last night my son came in around 3 AM (not quite sure) and woke us up. My wife got him back to bed. Subsequently, the baby girl cried out and woke me up six more times. My wife says that the girl got herself back to sleep each time and did not need to be attended to. It's not as though she does this every night and I just happened to notice last night.

In the morning she climbed on the bed and patted me. She's an angel. And the boy is a fine young fella.

My muscles feel, not tight or sore, but pleasantly taut. It's interesting that such a light workout (that I barely feel when I do it), can still make such an impression on my muscles. I guess I must be doing things just about right.

But I need to work out more often. And go for short, mellow runs.

I have been neglecting my exercise quite a bit due to illness, travel, and computer-related activities such as chess, a short story I am working on, email correspondence, and various other projects. I need to exercise a more.

Today I got that exercise by playing with my daughter while her mom went to a writer's group. Then I took the litle girl over to the house of her toddler friend, where they are babysat until the afternoon by a nice lady both families have retained for that purpose. No, it's not every day, just three times a week. It's good for her, and for our sanity. Witness me typing in this blog.

The exercise was in carrying her back to the house after our walk, sitting on the floor and getting her shoes on, getting her into the car seat, and schlepping a big diaper bag and bag of food and clothes for her, while carrying her though the house-construction zone to the liviing area. It would have been much easier if I had not worked out at the gym yesterday. But because of that I was feeling it.

I have mentioned that one of my goals it to get her used to me getting her to bed on alternating nights, so that my wife and I have only one child per night. Right now, on my wife's nights with the boy, she does both kids. I always help by getting the boy bathed and dressed in his pajamas. But still.

Anyway, I am proud to say that yesterday I not only got the girl down to her nap, but also last night got her bathed, and ready for bed. I put her in bed and sang to her, and said night-night, which she is accustomed to, as I often do it when getting the boy to bed and she is still awake. She was fine with the whole thing.

So if all goes well, my wife and I will be switching off each night with the kids.

My son, who used to be a champion shower-taker, has for the past several weeks become a bath-only man. Send in the Marines.

CJ and her two kids are coming to dinner at our house tonight. When I cook, I tend to get all panicky about the need to synchronize everything so that it serves at the same time (and on time!) So today I started early. I began soaking the lentils (for dal) at breakfast, and then did the prep cooking after lunch. Now the fridge contains the dal, the chicken masala ready to cook, and the palak paneer (spinach with cheese). My instantiation of these recipes is probably a complete betrayal of what the recipes intend, but I know it will at least taste good. The paneer we had once before, and my kids (and wife) liked it a lot. The dal is a first, but I tasted it just now and it is fine if it has enough salt (which is easily ensured). The chicken masala (my version) is incredibly simple and will be a hit with the all kids. There was no naan bread at the local hippie store that I went to. I don't feel like getting in the car and picking up any, either. Good enough is good enough.

9:15 PM -- The meal was a success. My wife ate three plates. CJ praised it profusely, although in my opinion it was adequate but far from delicious. I forgot to add the cream, for example. But CJ's kids ate a full plate and a half plate respectively. My kids didn't touch it.
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