Monday, September 27, 2004


My brother-in-law and I were sitting in the chairs in the back yard when I told him about the guarantee on the new hose I'd bought. If it displeases you for any reason, says the packaging, you can just clip the two ends and mail them to the maker, who will send you a new hose, no questions asked.

My BIL said that at a hardware store you can get new hose ends which you can easily re-attach, and so there was money to be made in clipping the ends, getting a new hose, selling the new hose, and replacing the ends on the clipped hose.

I complimented him on the beauty of the idea, but wondered if they might keep track of returns, and object after a certain number. I also said that if I were the hose maker, I would "go out of business" every few years and re-incorporate with the same clip-ends gaurantee, thus rendering the old mailing address and guarantee useless.
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