Saturday, September 25, 2004


During the diagnosis process, they asked me if I napped. I said no. I still rarely nap. I read later that sleepiness and falling asleep around friends or family is a sign of ALS. It goes like this: Your breathing muscles are weak, and so you don't breathe well when lying down at night. So your sleep is of poor quality, and you feel sleepy during the day.

Well, I don't think my breathing or sleep are effected by ALS (though my sleep is affected by going to sleep too late and the baby girl waking up too early). You have to be farther along in the progression than I am for that to start to be a problem. I haven't done the breathing volume test in a while, due to the bronchitis and cough. Maybe I should make a point of it tomorrow. But I predict that the result will be reassuring.

But I do feel sleepy in the evening.

Oh yes.

Looking forward to bedtime. But I need to get the boy to bed.
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