Saturday, October 09, 2004


This is my fourth day on th antibiotic Zithromax, and the cough and sensation of internal sunburn continue. This Zithromax proudly states that it keep working for five days after you take it. OK but I think that the famed extending effect may come at the price of reduced effectiveness during the first five days.

I usually do all right in the morning. In fact this morning we met at the park in the hills to cheer on my buddy from work who was running a 50-mile race today. I know that sounds insane and impossible. But he has even run a 100-mile race on two occasions. As I said, I do OK in the morning, but around 2 in the afternoon, I feel that pain in my chest to the point where I start taking aspirin, Tylenol, and butterscotch candies in hope of making the sensation stop. Today I took two aspirin, a shower, and an Aleve. The chest doesn't feel perfect, but it feels better than before the drugs and the shower.

My copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 came in the mail a couple of days ago. I have not watched it, though I did view some of the extra scenes.

Any day now we can expect the October surprise. My personal hunch is: Friday October 29th, rumored capture of Osama, White House officials, grinning widely, issue "No comment." Weekend media in a flurry about how they'll need a few days to extract information from Osama, and pursue and leads, so naturally they don't want to warn his subordinates that they have been comprimised. After Bush wins the election, the story dies.

Or maybe there won't be an October surprise. OK, well, actually that's the least likely thing. Karl will think of something.

Or maybe, how's this, the surprise is sprung, but like so many other attempts at cleverness the White House makes, it falls flat. Like Cheney's claiming not to have met Edwards before the debate. Or his debacle. Those were both calculated, planned attempts to be devastating, and look how well they worked. Look at the success in Iraq. So maybe the October surprise will be equally feeble.
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