Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I got up this early once to go fishing with my uncle. Other than that... Actually, I hope I'm not 'up.' The idea is to do something tiring, that will make me grateful to lie down again in a few. My wife brought me some children's Dimetapp, and some cough medicine. I took some Dimetapp. But I don't like cough medicine. It doesn't work, and it makes me feel bad.

I've moved to the couch tonight so that my coughing does not keep MLW awake.
We watched the veep debate. My scoring: Draw.

Hey, I wonder what my chess game is like at 4:44 AM?

Then call out the iPod. Annie Lennox and Bonnie Riatt.

7:20 AM: Well, I never did get back to sleep. But I got this poem out of it:

the light comes up on this new day
if you've seen it before you'll see it this way
one black duck
very high, wing points rapid
against pink sky
coastal sheets, then these turn white

get up
it's time for your pills

3:16 PM: MLW said I should call the GP, and I got a same-day appoinment with the nurse practitioner, who listened to my lungs, said I have bronchitis, and prescribed Zithromax. And gave me a flu shot. Yeah. I know the flu shot is in short supply, but am a priority patient, due to the ALS. Respiratory failure is the leading mode of death or those with ALS. This cough is making me feel pretty bad. Go, drugs, go!
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