Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hasta mañana, cough

The good news is that my cough has diminished to the point where it only happens sometimes when talking. I hope it will be gone soon. Hasta mañana because it will be back, some day.

It sure feels good to be free of that new kind of terror I wrote about. That reminds me, I need to drink some prune juice this morning. Ever vigilent.

Uh, you know, my left hand has gotten less utile over the last nine months. It's not a severe thing, but I tend not to use the left forefinger when typing because it doesn't respond quickly enough. No biggie. I have three other fingers on that hand.

My chess rating on ICC is waaaaaay down. I don't mind. I play all comers and don't care if I win or lose. Some day (oh ho ho some day) I will get serious about this and try to improve my game by studying the books. Mañana.

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