Monday, October 11, 2004

Internal sunburn sunset

No one ever told me so much stuff could come out of my nose. Yuk!

The internal sunburn effect did not occur today, even though I did not take analgesics. That's a relief. Yesterday I drugged and napped, and got by. Today neither, and still.

The sweet baby girl is on antibiotics now due to her cough. She was very upset at bedtime and I stepped in to relieve the mommy. And, may I just say, when it comes to hard-working dedication to her children, that woman is it. I am amazed at how much frazzling she can take in the course of a single day. But anyway, this time, the girl told me what songs to sing, and when to put her in the crib, and when to pet her back. And when I left the room there was no crying. Yay, Daddy!

So the plan is to do this on alternating nights, the wife and I switching off between the two kids.

My boy reads exceedingly well. Even more so than in the recent bragging I did. There's this story about Amelia Bedelia, and he could read it very well, though neither of us had read it to him before. He did need help with some words, but I was amazed at all the tricky words he didn't need help with.
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