Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A New Kind of Terror

We face a new kind of terror. A titanic struggle between good -- And evil. You see, people have got to understand that. Let me refer you to the Bible, where it is written, "Constipation be far worse that diarrhea."

The battle was joined, my friends. And in the end, the forces of good triumphed. But not without great sacrifice, and not without employing every weapon at our disposal.

I think I will become a prune-a-day man, like my grandfather was. Because, make no mistake about it. Evil will attack again. We have to be right 100 percent of the time, and evil only has to be right -- once.

And as I was fighting the battle, I got a couple of cramps in my neck, due to all the straining going on. And I thought: Imagine being someone with ALS, a disease which lets you feel everything and yet not move, and being this constipated. Oh, agony.

So color me prune. Every day.

By the way, I broke the Ibuprophen ban today. I figure, if my abstinence hasn't cured me yet, it never will.

It's cold here today. Hard for the left hand to type.

My son told me last night to go to the doctor for some medicine to make my cough go away.

There is success in babyland. For the third consecutive alternating night, I have put the baby girl to bed. She seems to think I am doing fine. She has bath, then pajamas and stories, then potty time, then stories and songs, brushing teeth, then songs in the dark in the rocking chair, then night-night. I would like to do the potty time either before or after the bath, but she usually wants to do it after I get the diaper and pajamas on her. Oh well. The overall trend is good: My lovely wife and I are each handling one kid each night.
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