Sunday, October 24, 2004


My cousin has a neighbor who knows someone who has recently been diagnosed with ALS. This woman sent me an email yesterday, and last night before I went to bed I wrote her a reply. Told her what I could, which is not much, and talked about how I don't feel like an experienced ALS patient. But offered to help with whatever information I can. I shared my pill regimen and my status. For not having much to say, it was quite a long email.

Last night while trying to motivate my son to get out of the bath, I accidentally popped him in the eye. Hard. This morning he doesn't seem to have much swelling or discoloration. The way it happened was that he was goofing around and not getting out of the bath, because of this toy. Those of you who don't have kids may think: Just let him come out when he's ready! But if you don't follow some kind of schedule with kids, some things never happen. Things like bedtime. So anyway, he kept ignoring me and I grabbed for the toy. There was lots of fumbling and grabbing as he tried to keep it away from me. I finally got a firm grip on it and pulled really hard. He was holding it with his feet. Suddenly he let go with his feet while curling his head down and my hand came free and in that split second popped him in the eye really hard. Poor guy. I apologized profusely and got him the ice and wet washcloth he asked for. He slept well.

I have not written much about my career situation in this blog. I am currently still on short-term disability leave. I have filed the papers to go on long-term (permanent) disability. That's scheduled to occur on or around October 29, 2004. That will effectively end my employment. Which I was really good at, and really enjoyed. It's a big topic and I won't go into it now. I'll treat the subject in more depth as the situation unfolds.

That new kind of evil I wrote about, the kind that has made me a prune-a-day man, is threatening our way of life again. Right now, as I write this blog entry. It hates us for our freedom. We called in the strategic prune force, and the chemical brigade yesterday morning. Then the prune strike again this morning, and inserted special forces. The battle is roiling and our units are overdue to call in to base. We'd like to send reinforcements. We're getting plenty of water to them. But at this point that's all we have. I've been hunkered in the downstairs facility for a while. The kids were running around making joyous noise and doing lots of thumping on my ceiling down in the bunker. This kind of battle is easier to fight when the kids are out of the house. This time it is my fault. I am allergic to milk, though I can tolerate acidophilus milk in small amounts. Two days go I drank an entire big glass of it. Idiot.

Where I live (U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!), the radio network for intelligent people (in part state-sponsored, and under attack from the right), is called NPR (National Public Radio). Anyway, not as good as the BBC (except for This American Life), but it's good. And I enjoy listening to it, and getting hard news. However. Oh and this makes me so aggravated. On weekends, they try to protect you from the news, and they go all artsy-entertainy for hours and hours and I could just kill them. Did I already blog about this? Maybe. But Garrison Keiler is not welcome in my house.

My lovely wife informs me that Garrison is in fact welcome in our house. Let me amend my statement to say that he is not welcome in my ears on a weekend, when I want news.
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