Thursday, October 07, 2004


The coughing and burning lungs had me so spanked I was barely human yesterday afternoon and evening. I took the antibiotics at 3 PM. Around bedtime I noticed that my breathing was improved, very dicey still, but a creeping sense of reliability. I slept on the couch, in one position, without moving, for fear moving would make me cough, until about 2:30 AM. Then I woke up with my back hurting, and crawled into bed with MLW. Got a few more hours of sleep.

This morning there is some bouts of coughing, but the burning feeling is gone. I may have turned the corner.

My blood pressure yesterday was 130/80, which is up from the last two times. I assume my system was stressed by all the coughing, but this is still within the normal range. According to the Wikipedia:

Normal ranges for blood pressure in adult humans are:
Systolic 90 to 135 mmHg (12 to 18 kPa)
Diastolic 50 to 90 mmHg (7 to 12 kPa)

By the way, I have been using that "Next Blog" button that Blogger has put in the header, flipping through other peoples' blogs. I have to say, I am not impressed. Among the English speakers, my impression is that 90% are in high school, 45% of the rest cannot spell, or type, and once you sort through the Christians, 28-year-old clean-shaven guys who want to tell you that they like beer, softball teams, and attempts to sell things, you are left with very few interesting blogs.

I'm not sure mine is one of them. But it suits my purposes.

Last night at dinner, to avoid coughing, I kept mute. I wrote notes to my lovely wife. When she went upstairs to bathe the girl, my son started acting out with me. I didn't need that. So I wrote him a note:


I was surprised that he read it out loud. So then I wrote:


And he read that correctly too. Later I wrote:


And he got it. Still later I wrote:


And he got that too. However, he had trouble reading PAJAMAS.
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