Friday, November 19, 2004


The kids are both on antibiotics, the girl for an ear infection that looks bacterial, and the boy for his lungs rattling.

Early this morning I woke up with that ever-so-faint tickle/pain/itch at the back of my sinuses where one of those tubes comes out.

Am I getting sick? The charming little girl has sneezed in my face more than once.

My sister is here doing art with the kids while my wife attends to some appointments.

My friend overseas mailed me the poetry and photos from long ago. The photos are fun but I don't think any of the poems merit inclusion in the book. So I'll be kicking that off soon. Except that I want to edit the PDF, and I accidentally deleted the word-processing document on which I based the PDF. So now I am pasting the contents from the PDF back into the word processor. But I have to reconstruct the formatting, page by page.
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