Saturday, November 20, 2004


Woke up this morning with a small patch of sore throat at the top. This is not good because (a) I don't want to get sick again and (b) it argues against my getting on the plane with my family for the cross-country trip, and my dear wife would have to travel all alone with two kids.

Or we might all have to skip the trip, because the girl has caught what my wife says is her fifth cold in a row, and might not be ready to travel either. We don't know how she got it, as she has been home with us the whole time. Except perhaps at the doctor's office where the other sick kids were when she went in for her ear ache. Ironic.

The boy, due to his being sick and not eating regularly, has been a crank-storm from time to time. And I wonder if this problem might be somewhat mitigated in a large extended family all under one roof. Then the cranky child can go to aunt #3 or uncle #2, make a play at rejecting the bad, bad parents, and find solace. In our house, eventually he just comes back to us, and the mere sight of us may re-ignite him.

11:41 AM: After my lovely wife got back from taking the girl to the doctor, she stayed at home with her while I took my son to the local swimming pool with the goal of him passing out of level one. His friend has passed into levels way beyond this, but my son has stayed at level one for years while his mother patiently poured time (and some money) into repeated lessons at level one. Today was the big payoff. He had no trouble at all. I think she wanted him to get tested today, two days before we are scheduled to leave town, so that the disruption of the holidays didn't throw his skills back.

He said it was easy.

This morning's doctor visit reveals that my daughter has fluid in her lungs. (That sounds like pneumonia to me). She's now on a stronger antibiotic.
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