Friday, November 26, 2004

Cate Blanchett in Heaven

No, she's not dead, the movie is called Heaven. While Cate Blanchett herself is lovely and fascinating (that's why I picked the movie), I am not sure that even that justifies sitting down an doing nothing for an hour and 28 minutes.

Time is precious. I guess I might be willing to rent another Blanchett movie if the whole point were to linger on her and celebrate her, as an actress. The way they do with other big-name actresses. Like who? I don't know. I don't watch many movies.

This one is OK. Spoiler alert! ...But the details of the clever escape plan are laughable, in that it could have fallen apart so easily at so many points. A bigger flaw is that her motivation for setting the bomb is given too late. The film should have shown her discover the girl student, and then go to the funeral, and then grab up the bomb. That would answer the question of why not just use a gun. And no, it's not an intriguing mystery that I enjoyed pondering. It just seemed like bad film making. And there is still no way I can imagine any intelligent person setting a bomb. That just makes no sense. Even if distraught, she should have known it was stupid and sought some other means.

It would have been a much better film if there had been more about how much older than him she was, and if she had said that she did not love him. I'll choose complexity and tough balances in my films, if the other option is simple Hollywood stuff.

Worth watching, sure. Whatever.

Today I changed the batteries in the thermo hydrometer and it's remote sensor. And I went to the store and priced LEDs. I want to investigate building my own indoor LED lamp. It seems like it would cost less than $50. That's better than the $139 I have seen quoted. But then, I might never do it.

Yesterday I took a walk around the block, and today I did too. The legs work fine but they are more noodly than they used to be. Also, the problem with my left index finger has spread to my left middle finger. I think as a result of the most recent cold. Which I appear to be fighting off.

Even better, and this is the real gem, today I spoke to my lovely wife on the phone and she said that my boy was talking about how much he loved me, and that it was sad I had not come on the trip, which made it almost not worth it. My wife brought a couple of pictures of me with them, and he was hugging the pictures.

I talked with him on the phone yesterday. When dropping them off at the airport he told me to write a note about what it was like to ride the train home. I did, and taped it to the wall for him to see when he gets back.

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