Wednesday, November 03, 2004

An iPod heresy

By the way, and this might seem like heresy to a dancy young lass like Bushra, but I think I have noticed that the bad headaches I get come after listening to the iPod.

I'll test and let you know. Because I am in no mood for the news today. Maybe not for the next few weeks either.

We're starting with Joni Mitchell singing "Down to you", then skip over the Copeland and Gregorian chants to the Smiths, doing "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want." Nothing to read into that. Move along, move along.

Recently in this blog I wondered why some people are so into their music. I have snickered at those blogs where teenagers list the music they are listening to. But, oh yeah, now I remember: analgesia and escape.

Neil Young.
99 Red Balloons (German version).
Alanis (Jagged little Pill).
Tom Waits.
Radiohead doing "Creep."
Joni again doing "Trouble Child"

...Plus lots more Joni.
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