Sunday, November 14, 2004

Scary nap

Wow, is a nap supposed to scare you? I almost never nap, but today I did from 2:00 to 4:20. It took me 10 minutes to get out of bed, and I still feel like I'm on thorazine. Not that I would know. My baby daughter has had the sniffles or a cold for it seems like a month now, and my wife and I have been plying her with tissues. Sometimes she has a mild temperature. You know, try as you might, there is no way to completely avoid mucous contact with a toddler. My son had a mild temperature today. I guess that the Death Nap was my body's way of trying to fight off those germs.

I took a Claritin D 12-hour extended release tablet about an hour before the Death Nap. The warning on the back says that "taking more than directed may cause drowsiness." I think I took one two days ago, but that was before bedtime. So let's chalk it up to that.

Why in the world are you reading this blog entry?

Let's see, I changed my pill routine a bit. See, many of the pills I take are to be taken with food (whereas, naturally, many of the others are to be taken on an empty stomach). So now when I get up I drink the creatine mixed into water, and take the riluzole and fish oil. Then after my shower I make breakfast for the family and take the Co-Q10 and the rest of the danged pills, such as the E and the C, with breakfast.

Also, progress on the rubble front: See, I had been putting five gallons of rubble each week into a plastic garbage bag and putting that into the household garbage can. Carrying the thing from the garage to the garbage can was awkward because the bag might rip, and because it is heavy. From time to time I toyed with the idea of laying the garbage bag into the can, and emptying the rubble into that. Impractical. Then I finally realized that the garbage can mouth is wider than a 5-gallon bucket. So now my approach is to put the plastic bag over the bucket, upend the bucket into the garbage can, then withdraw the bucket, and tie up the rubble. Problem solved. Amazing how long it takes me sometimes to figure the simplest things out.
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