Friday, November 12, 2004

Social Security

OK, this morning I completed the electronic part of the application for Social Security benefits. Now there are some documents I still have to send the. Things like birth certificate, medical information...

My buddy John has been doing more and more pushups every day. He started at 48 or something, and now he is up to 63 or something. He’s a frightening creature, really. And I’m sure this 63 is not his daily total. It’s probably just one set of many.

He keeps sending me emails saying how many pushups he’s done. Then he wants to know what my self-measured inhalation volume is. It used to be about 5000 mL before all these respiratory infections, and right now it is holding at just below 4500. I think it will come back up as my lungs clear.

Anyway last night I had a dream I was doing pushups on the bed to send a score to John. I did six in my dream. Here, let me try it now...

Phew! Five and a half. Phew! Wow!

Anyway, then in the dream I started making a blog entry. About something. Not sure what. There were words involved but they probably did not make sense.

Anytime you read or say or hear any words in a dream, it’s something that you wrote. It shows your creative capacity.

My four-year-old son decided to call my father on Veterans Day and thank him for being a veteran. The way he explained it to my father was “You didn’t want our country to get hurt.” I think my father told him about going to England and France and Germany.

It looks like the election was stolen by means of hackers manipulating the databases. That’s just my opinion. You would think I would be up in arms and screaming about it. Well, some part of me might be, except that the rest of me wants to stay relaxed. There are some people sniffing around this thing, and Black Box Voting is just one of them.

What we need in this country, perhaps more even than to expose the election fraud that happened this time, is to get voting machines which are less vulnerable to hacking, and which are checkable. Right now, when the vote is cast, it goes somewhere and there is no way for anyone to check. The software that runs the machine is secret. The software that runs the machines should be public, and the each vote needs to be verifiable. There are various ways to do this involving encryption techniques, which I won't bother to go into.

The solution is known. America's power elite just doesn't want to know. We can't afford more stolen elections. Time to get real voting machines.

Someone from the insurance company just called to say that my long-term disability has been approved and a check should be going out Monday. We Shall See.
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