Thursday, November 25, 2004


The three most precious people in the world to me are in the air right now, on their way to see my wife's parents. I just got home and checked their flight status on the web. For health reasons, I decided not to go. The kids were both sick recently, my daughter had a runny nose this morning, my wife is also fighting the cold, and I still have the sinus goop and tiredness from the same germs in me. Airplanes are a great place to catch an airborne illness, and travel, even when it is fun, is stressful for me. And stress makes me catch colds. And I have this theory that stress, and illnesses, accelerate my ALS. My wife is undertaking an incredible feat by traveling alone with two small children. But she is a master of planning.

It's terribly sad and I miss them immensely. They will call me daily and I will pick them up at the airport when they get back.

The original plan was that all of us would leave before Thanksgiving and would be there already today. Then the illnesses struck. Last night my wife made us a truly fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good. Guess what kind of sandwich I'm going to have for lunch after I finish this blog entry. Turkey.

There are lots of house projects to do. I look forward to receiving praise from my wife when she gets back.

My lovely wife asked me to test for lead on a portion of the wall where some paint was peeling away. I just tested it, and it was negative. Yay! This is an old house, and we have tested in many places. The only positives we got are on the rear doors, where the paint has rubbed away and exposed older layers. One of my projects is to replace those doors.
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