Friday, November 05, 2004


Did battle with the evil one again. Maybe it was the Marie Callender chicken pot pies? The big plates of spaghetti with cheese? Not sure. But I am getting tired of this recurring problem. One more thing to monitor.

I think it's time to cut out the daily morning banana though. The banana was supposed to deliver potassium and prevent cramps.

These constant battles with the evil one (inter-mixed with bouts of coughing) are starting to wear me down. I've had two episodes of harsh cramps in my left calf while sleeping. It may have been from the big hike in the big city the other day (but that was only eight blocks each way, and I did take it easy). And my left forearm started twitching again like it hasn't all year, while I was giving the sweet baby girl a bath. I can tell it's just that I have been under too much stress from the evil one.

What a great thing for you to read about in my blog. But I'll have something worse for you soon: My dry analysis of the state of the world.
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