Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today is looking a bit more calm as well. My son drew this person. The dot on the abdomen is a belly button.

When I play chess online, my standard 'greet' says that I voted for Kerry, and asks where the other player is playing from. Most people (especially those overseas!) agree with me about Kerry. Some scoff. Here's one, in which the conversation was conducted while playing chess:

htomit says: California
htomit says: Kerry is dumb
htomit says: kerry lost... hahahahah

you're not old enough to vote

htomit says: are you friends with Vegas High rooller or whatever his name is?

i play chess

htomit says: guess how old i am


htomit says: yep
htomit says: are you crazier then yo friend
htomit says: what did you vote on the propisitions?
htomit says: ????
htomit says: cool name

i usually vote against bond measures, which pass my debts on to kids

htomit says: what does that mean

read newspapers and you'll know

htomit says: what about prop 71


htomit says: ya

I was against the bond aspect of it but voted yes

htomit says: you should have voted no


{Game 444 (htomit vs. brainhell) htomit resigns} 0-1

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