Thursday, December 23, 2004

Doc re Lyme

I think my lovely wife and I have decided that we will see a specialist in Lyme disease. From my brief readings on Lyme disease (thank you, Scott!) it seems that a long course of antibiotics, possibly delivered intravenously, is the treatment. My neurologist is not trying to discourage me:

"If I were in your place, logical or not, a course of strong antibiotics wouldn't hurt, might help."

My son and I went shopping today at the hardware store to buy banister poles and mounting brackets for the stairs in our house. I may need these as I get more awkward.

So I'll be installing something for myself to use when I'm no longer capable of installing stuff. The dissonance is piquant.

My lovely wife and I are also looking into the possibility of having an addition built by a contractor who specializes in 'universal design' for the handicapped.

My son also helped me pick out a plastic bin to replace the one I threw out in the course of recent sheer-wall work. I used the lid last year to spare my back when bring in the living Christmas tree we keep in a pot in the yard. Today my son and I used the new lid to bring in the tree. I am not a Christian, but I was raised with this holiday. I would be happy to avoid it altogether, and years ago made a treaty with all my family and friends. The treaty posits that shopping is a bore and a burden, and stipulates that if you agree to ignore me on my birthday and Christmas, I promise to do the same for you. It worked well and still does.

Then I got married and we had kids, and kids expect presents around this time of year, so we do a mild Christmas for them.

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