Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ear muscles

Did you know you have muscles in your ears? You do! Or at least I do. But not for long! What I hear, and feel, is the tiny jittering of a minute muscle somewhere within my right ear cavity. In ALS, as the nerves die, they begin firing randomly, and to excess. Thus, the twitching muscles in the arms. And ears. Don't believe me? Imagine yourself listening intently for something. Feel that? You are voluntarily moving some aperture inside your ears. It doesn't sound like thunder, thankfully. It sounds like surf very, very far away. Don't bother telling me it's the sound of my circulation due to a plugged ear. You went to eight years of medical school for that? Mostly I experience it as an annoying and disconcerting twitch inside my ear.

I believe I am moving into the bulbar phase, where muscles in the head are effected. In reading night-time stories to my son, I notice my tongue is just a little more lazy.

It is disconcerting that things seem to be moving faster now. I don't want to die in a rush.
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