Saturday, December 18, 2004

Earth's city lights seen from space

A couple of folks have asked me to post some poetry here, and I was thinking of putting up one of my existing ones, but didn't like that idea. So I decided to write a haiku from scratch, right now, in these five minutes or so. Pleased by advised that it may stink:

cities seen from space
show consumption, not a
candle for each death
Recently I wrote about a woman who emailed me, who was going in for an MRI due to strange symptoms. She had the MRI was told that everything is normal. She wrote me:

I got my results and it was normal. I broke down and cried when they told me. And you know, coming and telling you this is so hard. I know that you'll be happy and you wouldn't want anyone else to go through what you are going through, but yet I feel guilty for being OK and you aren't.

I understand the feeling, because I sometimes had similar thoughts before I was diagnosed, when people were showing so much concern for me. There is something tender and loveable about humanity that we would feel guilty not to have a fatal affliction.

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