Friday, December 24, 2004

Female logic

Some years ago before I was married, my buddy was complaining to me and another pal about his girlfriend insisting that he hang on to a birthday card she had gotten him. To the male mind, birthday cards and seasonal cards are nice things, but we notice the female tendency to preserve these things, and we contemplate that if you are forced to keep them forever in order to show how you cherish the giver, then you wind up with a filing cabinet full of cards. Impractical.

However, years later I learned that there is a logic to it, a systemic algorithm guys would like. The way it goes is this: You keep all the cards from the event (birthday, Valentines Day, whatever) on the mantle until the next carding holiday. Then you throw out the old ones. Well, you don't throw them out so much as tidy them up by putting them in the trash, which little sad bit is overwashed by your happy bustling in putting the new ones out.

So many things to worry about in this life, but thanks to my appreciation of female logic, I no longer worry about card litter.

Yesterday, walking home from the gym, a squirrel thought it was safely out of my reach, sitting there on the telephone pole, facing away from me. But with a deft move I reached up and touched the dangling tip of its furry tail. The hair was bushy and stiff.
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