Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hectic and good

Life has resumed its hectic pace, but things are good. My kids are fantastic, and my wife is a miracle too. There are still household projects to do. We have a new shower rod! That took nearly five years...

I disbanded the ant trail to the kitchen trash by taking the can away, hosing it down in the back yard, and (this is the critical step), placing a different trash can in another location. It was, alas, the costume I had made for my son for Halloween. But if anyone wants to be a trash can again, I have a better design for it in mind. The key thing was to allow the chemical ant trail to degrade, and that there be no reward at the end of it. It worked.

Going shopping. Basically I am tired and happy.

The proof copy of the poetry collection has arrived. And it looks fantastic. But it is clearly not 6" x 9" as I ordered. It's 8.5" x 11." I make mistakes, but I'm pretty sure this isn't one of them. I find out what is going on and let you know.
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