Sunday, December 19, 2004

Mom & Me Too

There is a blogger I have been following, someone who takes care of her 87-year-old mother. She is linked off to the right as "gail." In this post her writing about the caregiving is as real as it gets. All I can say is, "Wow!"

Elsewhere on the web, I encountered this: "But if you haven't accepted Christ into your life yet I can guarantee that you will spend eternity in hell." Okay, that's the kind of compassionate God I wish to worship. Sign me up! Though not, of course, out of fear.

In another unrelated thought, I notice that most people who blog about their breakups are the ones who got left. Presumably the ones who did the leaving don't bother to blog about hurting someone. Or, more sobering, perhaps blogging is a sign of a sensitive, introspective person whom serious 'playas' tend to dump?

Here is my mental map of blog theme groups:

My life is so boring.
Japanese animation site.
Sorry, your browser is not win32 compatible.
My boyfriend is the best.
Jesus is SOOO cool!!!
Anal youngest teen girls anal!!!
Real estate law real estate.
Injury accident injury.
After fifth period history I hung out with JJ and Tom.
She crushed my spirit when she left me.
The looney liberals want to destroy this Christian country and I'll explain how.
Poco a poco se va lejos.
Somos amigas siempre.
Lincoln destroyed this country and I'll explain how.
I am a stay-at-home mom with two kids who thankfully are napping now. Oh shit.
I hate my parents.
Weight loss weight-loss lose weight pounds.
I'll be going to state college next year to confront the liberals.
Young, out, and queer in NYC -- got a problem with that?
No hay problemas cuando tienes Jesus.
In my quest for meaning, I'll wander from Plato to Socrates and all points in between.
My blog about web design, with a little FORTRAN thrown in.
After church we're going to play ping pong.
Office supplies supplier order office.
My latest photos.
Credit repair fresh start repair credit fix.
Recipes from Kate.
We all loved mom very much.
Reality-based in a red state.
Sorry, your browser is not win32 compatible.
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