Thursday, December 30, 2004

My lovely wife

Because someone posted a comment about the appearance of my lovely wife, I must tell you that she looks like a cross between Princess Diana and Farrah Fawcett. I kid you not. If I knew how to do it in Phototshop, I would flip one of these images and morph them for you. My wife also has a little Amelia Earhart thrown in. In her character as well as her looks. Those folks who comment to this blog and who have met her in person can attest to all this. She's a classic beauty and she keeps getting more beautiful with each year. That's not normally supposed to happen with women, but in her case it does. She focuses on her deeds and her character, and rightly considers appearance an unmerited quality. I love her, in a way that surpasses words, for who she is, not how she looks.

And let me tell you another thing about her: She can catch. I don't mean to be sexist, or, more precisely, I don't care if the comment seems that way, but unlike so many women who can't catch, my lovely wife catches like a baseball player, like a basketball player. Toss anything in her direction and one of her long arms (left or right) snakes out and expertly snags it. I often joke with her that I married her because she can catch.

Another advantage is she is almost my exact height, and her feet are the same size as mine. I am wearing a pair of her old running shoes right now.
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