Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The proof copy of the poetry collection is here and it is the correct size and it looks fantastic. But I note some formatting issues that need to be addressed. So I'll spin it through the process one more time.

Picking up my son from preschool, his pal said to him "Your dad has old hands." I asked me him what meant, but he was embarrassed and clammed up. I am older than this kid's dad, and skinnier. And my right hand was towards him. But he may have seen my left hand, which is well on it's way to the 'skeleton hand' effect seen in ALS patients. That's where the muscle between the thumb and the finger atrophies, and you see a depression there. He may have caught a glimpse of that.

But my kids are used to me, and since my changes are gradual, they'll see me as normal.

I want to linger on this planet until they are at least teenagers, so that they don't experience any fear or disruption from my condition.
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