Sunday, January 30, 2005


My limp when I walk is something you would notice. But at higher speeds it is less apparent.

Off to the right you see the prototype of the new B&V rocket under construction. I'll explain that some other day.

So with a name like, and topic categories that include things like Boobies, Dumbass, Sick and Weeners (among more standard ones such as NewsFlash), you might think that the members there are a bunch of immature, scornful guys. Especially after you notice the animated GIF in the corner showing the extremely-endowed "SbB girls." Wrong. I posted a link to my So You're Going To Die! transcript there, and some FARK member called MelLuvsDMB bought me a $25 membership. No kidding. I found a picture of her on the web. The picture is in the second row down, on the right. Thanks Mel! When I logged into the site, there were a flood of supportive messages. Some from women, and some from guys who aren't jerks. And there was no abuse factor. Wow!

I got a lot of praise for being strong and having the right attitude. I'm not sure I deserve credit for this, as I consider myself lucky to have been born naturally irrepressible.

Now you are wondering why I promoted the site to FARK. Two reasons. One, I am interested to learn from experience how the internet culture works, and how communities are built. And two, I have gotten a lot of useful information and ideas from complete strangers who've read this blog, and, given what folks have said, it has sometimes gone both ways.

I encountered FARK when reading some random blogger's post about what happened to his hits when he FARK'd an image of skimpily clad model. One hundred and fifty thousand extra hits. My FARK adventure netted maybe one thousand times fewer extra hits, but I feel even more cozy about my fellow human beings than I did before. Thanks, people!

Sputum update: This is a medical blog, so avert your eyes unless you want the sputum report.... Uh, the gram of bronchial phlegm I noticed two mornings ago morning had by yesterday morning increased to a teaspoon. This happens just once a day, but it is obviously increasing. I would be tempted to call my GP and ask if I should start taking the poultry antibiotics now stored in my closet. But this is the weekend. And I suppose I could call him Monday and start them then, but see I have this plan to receive a massive infusion of powerful antibiotics on Wednesday. So, hmm....

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