Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Can I help you get this drug?

Several people with ALS have emailed me asking how they can convince their doctor to prescribe ceftriaxone. Here is how I responded to one fellow, and I apologize for my lack of expertise, but this is currently all I know:

I am a newcomer to all this medical-bureaucratic poop, since ... I used to be

So I don't know how to convince your doctor to give you ceftriaxone. In my case I have indications of Lyme Disease. There are some other ailments, I bet, that this drug is used to treat. I don't know if you have indications of those.

My neuro and my ALS clinic doctor are different people. I don't think the people at the clinic have much interest in helping me. They are researchers and bureaucrats.

I wish you good luck.
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