Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ceftriaxone Day 1

The Ceftriaxone infusion went uneventfully at the local hospital infusion center. They gave me one gram intravenously and there was no allergic reaction. The infusion took place at 11:30 AM. My lovely wife was with me. After the infusion we stopped at the neurologist's office to do another baseline of my grip strength. Left hand 33, right hand 94. The left is the same as last time, the right is down 6 percent from last time. So I may be getting weaker on the right side but I'll bet it's due to something like when my last meal was, or the time of day.

The nurse who will train us on how to do the home infusion will come tomorrow morning.

In a last-minute twist, the home nursing people convinced my doctor that one gram per day would be more appropriate than two. He has today confirmed that he goes along with that. He says that next time we will evaluate whether to up it to two.

I had a pleasing chess victory this morning, and I struggled through and was able to create an animated GIF of the game, so that y'all could see the game rather than its algebraic notation. Safari shows it just fine when opened from my desktop. However when I upload it to Flikr, it no longer animates, neither there nor when blogged. I know that other people have done this successfully. I will try to puzzle it out.
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