Friday, February 04, 2005

Ceftriaxone Day 3

I'm infusing myself now (I seem to be able to handle it, with some fumbling) and am watching Armageddon on DVD.

...Everything went smoothly and I think the printer will recover. When I was preparing to screw the saline onto the line, I prepped it to clear the air bubble, and a bunch of it flew across the room and onto the printer. Then with the heparin, I did the exact same thing. Oops!

That was a fun movie. The theme of trying to save the world through an experiment resonates, since I am trying to stay in this world, as does the idea of wanting to live long enough to see your daughter get married, and like that. And plus I dig space stuff, and as unrealistic as some of it was, it appealed to me. The theme of things getting out of control and just getting too freaky weird as your doom approaches is a good one too. I cried.

5:53 PM: The hand dynamometer just arrived, and my left hand shows a strength of 44 pounds. I do not know what the reading of 33 using the doctor's dynamometer is meant to indicate, pounds, or what. That's why I have to calibrate them. I don't feel any stronger. The manual that came with the dynamometer seems to indicate that for men in my age range, the weakest score for the non-dominant hand (left for me) of typical randomly-sampled men would be 73 pounds. Highest 157. The average given is 116.8. So, hey ... let's hear it for the big 44!

I used to be strong, for my weight, and might well have scored better than average.

My lovely wife can score 65 pounds with her left hand.

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