Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ceftriaxone Day 7: 47 pounds

My method for testing grip strength using the new dynamometer is this: Try it three times within half an hour and take the highest score. Today I got 45, 44, and 47. So today's score is 47.

Mike, P-47s fighter-bombers of the Army Air Force destroyed an enemy position using a low-level attack this morning, so now I'm wearing your watch, driving your car, and movin' into your house!

I am infusing as I type this, and today is the last day until whenever we do this again. I'll be so happy to have this thing out of my arm and be able to shower normally, and make normal gestures, like flicking my hands after I wash them. And wrestle with the kids.

I plan to take daily grip strength readings from here on out. Probably daily inhale scores too. Today my inhale score is 4600 mL. That's the highest since 10/29/04.

Left grip strength of other subjects...
Male architect: 98 lbs.
Female infusion nurse: 65 lbs.
Female cookie baker: 62 lbs.
My lovely wife: 76 lbs.

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