Friday, February 18, 2005

D+10: Raw

When our daughter woke my wife up (again) at 6:00 AM, my throat was raw and it hurt to swallow. My lovely wife went to absorb the blasts from a distraught two-year-old, with a perky and pesky five-year-old adding energy to the dawn mix. She let me slorp in bed for another hour, until, now when I get up, the throat is merely froggy and not hurting.

If I had to face what she faces every morning I know I would be sneezing and hacking and running at the nose right now. This is probably the most important thing anyone does for my health.

Last night was kindergarten prep night for parents. My boy is moving up to the big league.

Left grip is down to 46 (40, 41, 46) and right grip down to 89 (80, 86, 89). Inhale maintains at 4400 mL. I blame the cold germs that are attacking me.

The battery on my iPod appears to be whack. I've been charging it for two days and it stays at about one-third full.
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