Wednesday, February 23, 2005

D+15: Corner

It's official. Yesterday I turned the corner on the cold, felt good energy all day, no afternoon crash. I expect the episodic coughing to go bye-bye soon.

Left grip is 48 pounds (48, 45, 45), right grip is 90 pounds (82, 89, 90), and inhale is 4490 mL.

The average left grip from 2/9 onward is 47.46. The average right grip in the same period is 88. Average inhale in the same period is 4521.33.

And just so that y'all can't accuse me of focusing only on the data that I like, while ignoring the data that does not fit, I hereby present you with the right grip strength from 1/10/05 onward. The period in which the data vanishes is during the infusion week when the needle was in my right arm and I did not test it.

If we use the average of 88 pounds since the end of infusion, we see that the score is down almost seven percent since 2/2/05, and down 12 percent since 1/10/05.

Oh well. That's data, and I'm not going to duck it.

I like it that the breathing is the same as before the drug, and at one point spiked to 4750, and remains at 4500 despite my respiratory infection.

I just feel better and more durable than I did before. And I'm the only customer.
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