Friday, February 25, 2005

D+17: Bee

Left grip is 51 pounds again, right is up to 95 pounds, and inhale has improved to 4550 mL. I saw the neurologist today, and I'll write it up for tomorrow's post.

Yesterday after dropping off my adorable family at the train station, I picked up all the fallen fruit from under the tree (as instructed by my lovely wife), ordered a copy of our utility bill so that we can prove we live where we say we do and get my son into kindergarten, sent my metrics to my neurologist (who I'll see today), cleared all the furniture and kid stuff out of the dining room, removed the unpainted shelves from the wall in there, drove the antique medicine cabinet mirror a long way to the place that will re-silver it, painted the shelves I took down, scraped some peeling paint from the wall (not the moisture-stained area), and painted the peeled area. And I took a walk and ate food, put out the trash to the curb, and bought two Whitney Houston songs via iTunes.

I also had a couple of minor water gag moments. I have decided to quantify them as minor, medium, and major. But I will only log one choke, the largest choke, for the day.

But there is a problem. While scraping paint off the wall where the stain is, I poked right through the wall and exposed this little beauty. It's a hole in the interior porton of the wall, caused by water damage, probably years ago before they decided to sell the house. There is a new, good roof on there now, but I get the impression that they ignored house maintenance for many years.
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