Sunday, February 27, 2005

D+19: Harsh buzzer sound

Left grip is 47 (47, 47, 47), right is 95 (90, 89, 95) and inhale is 4590 mL.

My whole concept on Feb. 7 about calibrating the hand dynamometers was wrong, and it was only by coincidence that both the one the doctor owns, and the different type that I own, happened to read 44 on that day. However, my strength increase, as measured on his equipment, was real.

His method is to have you squeeze his dynamometer three times. But he has told me that's totally arbitrary ... he just does that to obtain a crude averaging. On mine, you squeeze once only. So the one-squeeze reading on his, when I got 44 as a sum of three tries, would be somewhere around 14.6. And no, his is not reading in kilograms, because that would come out to about 32, not 44. The units on his dynamometer are arbitrary (but highly reproducible).

I just happened to get a score that day of 44 after squeezing three times, and I was getting a score of 44 on mine, too. But the scales are different, and there doesn't appear to be any useful correlation.

I appreciate lessons like this, the ones that teach me to be humble, and cautious in my thinking.

...I started missing the family on Saturday morning. I have not gotten as much done on the house as I thought I would. But I have made some garish holes. Today I will tape plastic over the holes near the ceiling, put up the painted shelves, and return the furniture to its former locations, to make everything as normal as possible for the kids when they get back. Monday the roofer comes. We're going to have an addition built onto the house and it will join through that exact rotting wall. So maybe we can have them make that part of their mission.

Oh by the way, the dishwasher absolutely and completely died. It stopped working. There are no control panel lights, even when plugged in, and that trick of jamming a screwdriver into the door mechanism no longer works either. This one is a lemon. It's a Maytag. I'm going to go to the mall and order a new dishwasher this morning after breakfast.
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