Sunday, February 27, 2005

D+20: Slightly worse

Left and right grip strengths are 48 and 95 pounds respectively. Inhale volume is 4500 mL.

For a change of pace, here's my chart for one-legged balance duration. Keep in mind that I don't record any duration over 30 seconds. The "improvement" you see is all due to practice, I think. I may be stronger, but I still feel as clumsy. Maybe I'd feel much more so if we'd never done the ceftriaxone. Who knows? I do know that my speech continues to deterioriate, to the point where almost every time I talk to someone outside my family, I think they may notice the lazy tongue. I staggered into a lady on the street on my most recent date with my lovely wife, and apologized. She and her friends laughed a bit, perhaps thinking I was drunk.

The good news is my family came back last night.

The bad news is that its started raining hard, and the streets were gushing, and the ceiling in the dining room started dripping, and I had to put a big plastic storage bin under it to catch the water.

"Daddy, why is it raining inside the house?" asked my son when he got home.

The roofers came today, and they think they have found and fixed the hole. I looked at the hole when, despite my clumsiness and fear of heights, I climbed the ladder. I told them I was afraid of heights. And in a little back-patting manuever, let me say that I think it's manly to admit when you are afraid, and childlike not to. There was a little clonus on the way down, but otherwise I did fine.

The new dishwasher will come Wednesday.

All this happens just when I thought I was catching up on the house projects.

Tomorrow I am posting a naked picture of myself on the internet. Full-frontal nudity, stark and complete.
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