Saturday, February 05, 2005

Infusion steps

To the right is a picture of the bottle that contains a balloon of ceftriaxone. This balloon is in the deflated state, since I already used this one. When full, it's a little ball. Also pictured are the saline (white label) and heparin, (yellow label).

The process is:

  1. remove the netting that restrains the tube and clamp

  2. wash hands with super-antibacterial soap provided

  3. clean the valve at the end of the tube by continuously rubbing it with an alcohol swab for 15 seconds

  4. unclamp

  5. attach saline syringe and inject 2 cc

  6. attach antibiotic unit and let it infuse itself over approximately 30 minutes, until bulb is flat

  7. attach new saline syringe and inject 2 cc

  8. attach heparin syringe and inject 1 cc

  9. clamp

  10. remove the heparin syringe

By the way, the kids have not said anything about the gauzy white retaining sleeve for the IV, even though it sticks out from my sleeve from time to time. I think the little girl has caught sight of it, but in the tumult, she hasn't yet mentioned it. And the boy doesn't even seem to have noticed it. Odd. I also expected them to ask me why I am wearing long-sleeve shirts now, but no. If they do ask, I plan to tell them I am being treated as a precaution against Lyme, given the ambiguous results of my blood test. And no, I won't know what Lyme does to you, it'll just be some "thing," not sure what.

...I got my left squeeze score up to 45 pounds this morning, but only, I think, due to improved technique.

Rear neck muscle twitching 30 seconds yesterday. Did not want that.
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