Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not trivial

I played with the settings on the self-measured inhalation volume chart so that the data variation would be more apparent, and to show elapsed time since diagnosis. The ups and downs are mostly due to respiratory infections. The broad downward trend is due to ALS, I think. That most recent uptick, from 4500 mL to 4750 mL, is due to the ceftriaxone, I think.

Various people who have told me about their issues over the past year have added "forgive me for complaining, my problems seem so trivial compared to what you are going through."

Well, but I want to hear your issues. I would not want people to stop including me in normal conversation just because of my condition. It's better for me to hear about you than to be isolated. So there.

Today my left grip has increased to 49 pounds (Alife: 49,49,46). The inhale volume was back down to 4500 mL, but I think it's because my tummy was full. Then when I had a chance to digest my breakfast, the inhale volume was up to 4750, the best since 4800 on 10/29/04.
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