Friday, February 04, 2005

Plastic wrap dad

Off to the right we see the annoying IV in question...

All continues to go well, with no squirting. My walking is a refined stagger at all times now (has been since before the ceftriaxone). I remember a few months ago grieving that I could no longer run. Now the issue is walking. Let me just say that running has a threshold, and walking has a much less demanding one.

I'm about to try to wrap my arm in plastic wrap and take a shower.

...Wow, that was awkward. Almost seemed not worth it. It was a mistake to put the IV in the 'good' arm. But I'm not one of those people who laments a decision once made. I understand what our goal was at the time (Get it in, anywhere!), and I'm glad we accomplished it. But next time, left arm. Plastic wrap is what they said to use, but now I see that a plastic bag (open at both ends) plus rubber bands would be better. All that tape cut off my blood supply and tore the hair off my arm upon removal. As it was, I did not do a full shower, just washed the hair (nice and short) and soaped a bit.

CDNPals Mike, I'm wearing your watch now, because a few minutes ago I accomplished a very important mission, and still no hint of the squirts. Quite the opposite.

Also, on the way back from dropping my son at preschool, I got to thinking about how I can't jog, and so as an act of defiance, I 'jogged' for about 40 yards. The sound was: clop-clop clip clop-clop-clop clip clop-clop-clop. All flat-footed, small stride, knees barely lifting. That's the best I can do, and if you want your money back, come see me in Hell when this is all over.

I'll still be wearing your watch, Mike.

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