Sunday, February 06, 2005


Off to the right we see a graph of my self-measured inhale volume, which used to be 5100, dipped to 4300, and now is 4500 mL.

I don't want to be defeatist, but it seems to me that the most likely scenario for me to lose the ability to walk is if I trip and fall, break bone, and then have to be partly or fully immobilized in order to recover, during which point my muscles atrophy severely.

Case in point, yesterday I was standing on the fourth of the concrete steps leading up to our house, talking to my lovely wife, when my feet fumbled and I staggered out of control down the steps and wound up falling on the grass. I considered it a successful fall artfully handled. But it scared my lovely wife, and if there had been children or obstacles in the way, it could have been quite bad.

Breathing is 4505 mL, grip strength is 42. The "05" added to the breathing is because the marker goes just a tad of a hair above 4500.

Once again in an article I see someone calling ALS the worst disease you can get. Well, it's bad, no doubt, but I just got word that someone I know, with his cancer and his chemo, is in such extreme pain right now that he can't walk or talk -- and the painkillers are not powerful enough. And his little boy gets to watch all this, watch his daddy hurt. I think I know what's worse than ALS.

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